Why Should I Plan Ahead

Pre-planning is a matter of taking the time to think about and record your end of life desires. It's a loving gesture to those you love, and a way to let go of anxieties about future decisions. Once done, you can rest easy knowing your plans are in the hands of family and friends.

It’s All About Taking Control

Given time to consider it, you’ll soon start to realize that pre-planning is all about ensuring that your best wishes are known, so they can be relied upon when the time comes. Making the commitment to planning ahead:

- Is easy. There’s no extensive questionnaire or exam required. Anyone can make a pre-plan, and there is no wait for return documents. Once your plan is completed, and we then put i in a file in our office.

- Lets your family know clearly and thoroughly know your wishes. 

- Relieves the stress of family members making very personal decisions for you. 

- Can protect your family from evil inflation. Your expenses can be covered on your time with our pre-payment plan. 

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Does Pre-planning Require payment?

No. You can set a plan by paper to record your pre-plan, and leave it for your family and friends to pay for your desired services at the time of your passing.

Or, you can protect you and your family from the unstable economy, by pre-funding your plan. This guarantees that your expenses will be covered when you need them to be. 

When you choose to pre-fund your arrangements, your money is put in a state-approved trust account or high-rated insurance company until required. After your account is paid in full, our price is guaranteed. You will never have to pay more for the the services you have already paid for. 

Another point we’d like to stress: When you pre-plan with Howe Mortuary & Cremation Services, your plan will go where you go. No matter where you reside at the time of your passing, no matter what funeral home you choose to work with, your plan will be transferable to any funeral home in the United States.

Why Pre-Plan with Howe Mortuary & Cremation Services?

By pre-planning with Howe Mortuary, you’re assured that your final wishes are known. This relieves your family of making difficult decisions while under emotional stress. Through pre-funding your plan, expenses will be covered and your family will not have to worry about getting money. That's guaranteed.

Our plans offer a variety of payment options to fit most everyone. Choose the payment option that fits your budget.

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