How does Cremation Work?

How does one care for their loved ones remain? Most people use cremation for many reasons which we will discuss down below.  

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Why should my loved one be CREMATED?

Cremation of a loved one is natural. It has been used for a long time, and is the number one method of caring for a loved ones all over the globe. 

All types of people choose cremation for loved ones because it is the right choice for them. Selecting any type of memorial is very personal. Here are the benefits of direct cremation:  

  • Easier than Traditional - No burial method is more simple than direct cremation. Everything can be done within hours of completing the necessary paperwork.  
  • Flexible - After a cremation a memorial service can be arranged at any time. Which makes it convenient for friends and family to show up. There is less stress to put on a ceremony rapidly which usually many people can't attend because of financial constraints.
  • Fully Celebrate a Loved One - With Cremation you can plan for weeks, even months after. This gives you more time to give your loved one the funeral they deserve with meaningful poetry, music, photos and videos. 

  • Financial Challenges - The cost of cremation with no memorial or funeral service is often a fourth of a traditional burial. This is why most families make the decision for cremation: however we strongly suggest bringing friends and family together for a memorial where we believe value exceeds cost.


Common questions you will be asked?

What type of urn should you buy? 

Who will does the cremation?

What kind of Memorial would you like to have?

What will you do with your loved ones remains?

After it is all done?

You and your family may wish to keep the remains close or deciding you want to do a ceremony that scatters the ashes.

Our Directors at Howe Mortuary & Cremation can suggest you on unique ways to memorialize your loved one using there cremated remains. These include creation of glass objects and even jewelry. Also scattering remains at maybe the pacific sea, or in the longmont air.

Not Enough info? Speaking with out professional funeral planner will help to clarify any questions you have. Contact us here.